In English

What is CRYO?

CRYO is the roleplaying club of Oulu University. Our mission is very simple: to bring people and tabletop games together. We promote all kinds of tabletop gaming, and seek to provide a community for all gaming-minded people in Oulu. CRYO has been around for over 15 years, and has become a regular sight in and around the university.

What does CRYO do?

We organize regular and irregular gaming nights and events. Our most prominent activities are our weekly gaming nights at 16:00 in Cafe Hub, and our quarterly all-weekend gaming convention Maracon, organized at Kaijonharju or Puolivälinkangas Youth House. We also organize various smaller event, such as the yearly excursion to our local friendly gaming store Fantasiapelit, and pub nights.

How can I join CRYO?

By contacting a CRYO board member, our membership manager in particular. The annual membership fee is 5€, and everlasting membership costs 20€. As a CRYO member you get access to member-only events such as the Christmas party, a discount at Fantasiapelit and a cool membership card!

How to contact CRYO?

You can contact CRYO via e-mail, snail mail, at Facebook or at our live events. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for regual posts. For more active chatting, you can join our offical Discord channel. Our contact information can be found here.